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Thanks for your interest on paper for the best online casino offers UK. We're always searching for talented writers to become listed on us! Scroll right down to observe how you can write for all of us.

What exactly are we searching for?

At CasinoUK you want to give our viewers the perfect information, the best online clubhouse offers UK and information into the world of online gaming.

Our purpose is to make

If you are a gambling house fanatic, a business insider, an economist that specializes in iGaming or a journalist we'd like to notice you.

How to post an article

Our purpose is to make a whole sponsor of content, from gambling establishment reviews to playing tips, as well as investigative content like our recent Brexit whitepaper.

How to post an article

This is a brief summary of the distribution process:

    email us a brief pitch;

    Among our editors will check your part and present you feedback;

    If both get-togethers are pleased to proceed, we'll help you to send the finished copy;

    After your final review, we'll get an article live and send you the hyperlink

Not been told from us immediately? Haven't any dread, we haven't overlooked you, we answer every pitch we get. It could simply take us some more days and nights to reply!

Will we change your articles

We endeavor to keep your articles as unchanged as it can be, as we realize how bothersome it is when someone alters your carefully written duplicate. However, we might have to help make the unusual change to the forms, simply for our SEO purposes. But don't be anxious, all which means is more folks will quickly realize your article!

Will i receive a commission?

If we create a great on-going marriage with some of our writers, irrespective of their preceding experience, we'll gladly put them at the front end of the queue for just about any approaching paid opportunities.

What can casinouk give you?

At CasinoUK you want to build long lasting and mutually beneficial human relationships with all our contributors.

With a global readership and industry effect, we provide a great system for your articles. Plus, with increasing brand understanding, our freelance writers have a great location to build their own private effect in the iGaming sector.

Business opportunities

Searching to develop your business and drive increased traffic to your site? We have relished successful interactions with numerous iGaming companies and will let you meet your goals.

Just put Business in your welcome email and put together your brief or permanent goals, and one of your specialist team are certain to get back in 48 times.

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